The desire of documenting

Think, at which point in time do you want to document things?

That’s right. You don’t until you need to reflect on them.

But what you mean by “reflect”? Why? I’m living!

You’d be right. Now, do you know the legend, in which that guy suddenly had a $20 bill in his jacket’s pocket? What’s the lesson anyway?


Reflecting, in my own terms, means to transfer the same energy to others. In other words, you must be able to explain that thingy to people.

Imagine this. You break one’s heart. They go,


Why? You may know the answer (just be sure to curb your mouth). Now a week later you reflect on that, except you don’t.

Are you bad and rebound? (please don’t). Or did you not documenting?

Personal story time: That’s me (not the rebound part). Though I did talk to people, so I was documenting. By talking about it, I got a second chance to think about that same thing. And I did fifteen, just to be sure. Now that’s what I call a refreshing story.

“Wastes time.”

Look, you better have your reasoning and be responsible. On the flip side is what they describe a potato. Do yourself a favor.


Why university defy natural psychology

Reflecting, in my own terms, means to transfer the same energy to others. […]

Alright, let me give you an example of “reflecting”.

There’s a tippity tappity point, something the modern people called “antiquated”.

Great things charm the whole history, like Mozart and Da Vinci. Then there’s contemporary education system to join the conversation.


You can, today, send me what knowledge you could extract out of 4 years of university that can make you get in the $500 job interview. I will make sure to include that right in this blog here for proper reference. Mark my word. Make sure that it makes you totally eligible to work after 4 years.

I am to blame when you people teach me put me in a $300/mon job and tell me that I need 2 more years, just in case 4 university years does not suffice, to have a position in the industry.

Now where do I start documenting this? Betcha knows, I document this to a great extent. About that school project, how about asking your grandkid how they feel about Internet Explorer. Must’ve been an exciting TED talk.


How much?

Just enough to get you out of depression, whatever that means.

You see, talk all day and you’ll hear words flying,

Shut up you f___ piece of dress-wielding c___ head!

In contrast, don’t talk and you’d be a well-known middle-class person.

If you want an advice from a 20s, well you arrive at the right god-damn section:

Reflect on what can be classified as a milestone in your conscious eternity, either to flex on it or to be a proud member of The Boomers.


Talk. Or write blogs (oh well.)

(In the context of Programming, that means to comment once per snippet of code. You know what, while we’re at it, my “professor” wanted me to document get/set methods. The more you know.)


Did you document anything from this blog post?