Sorry if I burned your eyes. Please use Dark Reader (not sponsored). Too much styling for me.

👋 I’m exposing software.

Hello. Welcome in!

I’m An. I was born 2001 in Vietnam. I make software for a living since 2016. I started by making Minecraft servers, followed by web development, though I kind of not specialized in any specific area (because that’s boring. I’d leave the interpretation up to you.)


Probably some more projects that are not up to my standard anymore. Those would probably end up in the form of articles on my blog (if at all).


Email me at I’m on Discord as an7. Here’s my Facebook.

Why does this website look like this?

Ah. Glad you asked.

Traditionally this website looks jazzy just like any other “modern” website.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Do I need anything?” How much styling do you need in your blog to get the point across?

If I were to make a product landing page, this might not generate a single customer, but for a blog, especially after having to remake and remake and remake and remake my website? Yeah, I’m good. No matter how perfect your code is, it will turn into a shitshow. Call it The Shitshow Principle.

I was kicked in the nuts by There’s a plethera of spinoffs but no thanks, this is it. I will leave most of the styling up to the browser.

Now, you’re probably asking,

This is not it man. Gotta put in those dark background and bright text color and link color and :visited color and theme switching toggle and image placeholder and team-based seasonal reactions + comment section and parallax scrolling and smooth scrolling and smooth anchor links and typewriter effect and table of contents and click to copy and custom React components and centered content and a CMS and animated hover cards and React and 3D spinning models, man.

... Right.