Religious software development arguments

Software development arguments are becoming blindly religious. An argument on YouTube will be showered with acceptance and comments like:

I agreed. This X guy is so stupid.

The argument itself doesn’t even specify the context before criticizing the original idea. What good does this have on the newbies?

As an original idea appreciator (which means I selectively agree with the original idea), I don’t even know how to react to the counter-argument because the counter-argument itself isn’t even wrong. It just misses some points by not specifying all the parameters and it doesn’t acknowledge so.

I don’t have words to go ‘round with these arguments. It’s like TikTok. You just oppose and suddenly everyone agrees, and you like it very much. If software development keeps going like this, I don’t think I’ll consume so much of the opposing ideas anymore.

It obviously won’t go that far. My point is, such arguments will receive a big L rather than being recognized.