You know, there are opinions. And you will hear lots of it. When you face an opposing opinion on something you have a strong opinion about, oh boy…

A person’s opinion tells you a lot about them. And if you observe them over a period of time, you would definitely see a pattern. Opinions go together. Do your opinions go together? I think it is, and there is a pattern.

For example, I do consume a lot of English content so I have very strict standard on English’s pronunciation, about the cultural world in English, about source of information, about how English-lyric songs should lyrically be, how those songs should sound, etc. They are in the same group of opinion, and you can’t change one without living another life.

Now expand that category and you could deduct that person’s entire opinion range. But be careful; you don’t wanna be called out making up stereotypes. Just be moderate about your assumptions.

Example: If you think that someone who likes badly pronunciated English songs is inferior somehow, then it’s probably right. They like bad English songs, so most likely they are bad at English. They probably have limited ability to search for information on the net. They will have a hard time dealing with people from another country. They will not obtain as much knowledge in their field as someone who knows the universal language. They will have narrower point of view in life because they aren’t exposed to another different world. They will probably judge the people from that another world. They like a specific kind of music that pronunciation-wise sounds awful but insist that the music makes up for it. Not that this person is not successful, but if you just think about it a little bit more, you basically just deducted their life out of it: their thinking, their life viewpoints, their lifestyle, their future interactions, …

Now you probably have faced this situation in your life, which is when you have to decide if you want to continue dealing with this person or not. Your parents probably taught you that whoever you play with will make you (or just about any paraphrase of it). Do you want to become that person? And I’m not saying that bad English will make bad people, I’m talking about their lifestyle and viewpoints and behaviors and such. Use whatever language they like, but if they aren’t the American or Korean or Ukrainian or Russian or whatever people and they judge them? How else can they learn to not judge other people, or judge sensibly?

Taking any amount of salt to take my point, but just let it sit with you the next time you think about your friend Bob. Best friend I suppose, but you probably don’t want to be dealing with Bob in the using-cocaine side of thing. That might be a bit of a stretch but just dial it down a bit.

Sometimes stereotypes will go a long way, and you have probably done it before. It’s human nature for human to choose the best choice and I’m pretty sure that is the fact.

About that awful English song, it’s a male Vietnamese singer that’s like the only Vietnamese singer that touches 1M likes on a Vietnamese Facebook post, and of course, his English is fine had he not made 2 English songs. What am I gonna do? Praise the English song and let people admire the third song just like his second try? My friends - plurally, yes - responsed to my criticism that the song was fine, even sounded good, and said that my criticism was invalid because I was being supreme. Then one guy starts analogously comparing my criticism with something about my love between me and my girlfriend or something, with anger and full of opinion enthusiasm. I didn’t let him finish and just quits the Discord server, and never deal with him again. Talk about what an awful English song can do to a Vietnamese ;)