A degree is the only way to acquire knowledge

Today I came across this:

Youtube comment

Maybe YouTube isn’t the right thing to “substitute” your degree, and I agreed. However, you are mixing terms.

In the context of learning, the medium are merely a link in the chain. Your knowledge is the only thing that matters. A Software Engineering degree doesn’t equal knowing how to actually build a good Uber app from the ground up.

I’ve learned countless things that I don’t use in my everyday life. Guess what, you don’t use, you forget.

And they call someone who actually values their time “a dreamer”.

If you come across a person who knows how to make a full-blown system, and they learned that from no university, but multiple mediums like Medium (get it?), YouTube, Udemy, Pluralsight, Skillshare, Codecademy etc., would you call them out?

This isn’t Medical school. You have to give context. 4 years of Software Engineering means nothing. It’s your knowledge. Thank you for listening.